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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Eschenbach: A 'live debate'? A trap more like...

So, I was expecting Willis Eschenbach to write a new blog in reply to my previous piece. But it turns out he was expecting me to debate through comments on Watts Up With That. The trouble is, I've been in those sort of situations before, and really it's a trap. What you have there is a horde of pseudo-scientists, many of them very well practiced in their various, often cherrypicked, misrepresentations, lies and distortions of the real science. It's usually a complete mess, presented by people who think they are doing real science ("what if we do this", "What if we do that" etc. Most of them are too cowardly to post under their real name, making it very difficult to identify the real person behind the post.

And so on. If I had gone on there, I would have been ambushed pretty quickly, with loads of cooky theories thrown at me. The intention being to ridicule, humiliate and silence me. The usual denier dirty politics basically.

But I am not doing that. I prefer to debate from the safety of my own blog, the reason being that all this cherrypicked and distorted material takes time to examine and assess. This is why I prefer to control the debate, conducting it on my own terms, not on theirs.

For this reason, and because it's the weekend, which means I am using just my mobile to type this, I prefer to wait until Tuesday when I can use my desktop PC to link, to screenshot, load images and graphs etc. Of course they are hating this, wondering where I am, and also because I am not playing the game by their rules. The vitriol from some of them is most amusing.

There are over 400 comments on Eschenbach's blog at present. Most of it, when I really start to look at it, I am confident will be cherrypicked nonsence, distortion and downright lies, in amongst all the dreamers pretending to be scientists.

I am not a scientist of course. I am a journalist. But at least I admit that. And I have enough scientific awareness to be able to tell a real scientist from a charlatan.

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