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Don't Whinge, James Delingpole....You Brought It Upon Yourself...

James Delingpole recently wrote on Breitbart (6th January 2017) that his poisonous activities [my description] has "damaged my career, it has damaged my health, it has caused massive upset to my family".

Well my responses to those three observations are 1) good! 2) well, that's your own tough luck 3) What? You mean you still have one?

He also said that he has "often been ridiculed and marginalised by colleagues in the mainstream media as a tin-hat conspiracy theorist" - well, that's because you are one James. You are a vicious, snivelling little rat, that has often descended to the level of the worst language possible, without using expletives, that is, against hard working and compassionate climate scientists, environmentalists and other people who genuinely want to help the world and those who genuinely need help, you and the other despicable right wing, climate change denying rats you associate with.

I don't wish you any physical harm, but it wouldn't bother me either if I happened to see you eking out a lice-infested, miserable life in some shop doorway somewhere. I might buy you a cup of coffee in such a situation but that's about it. The difference of course in that hypothetical situation, which unfortunately will never happen I suppose, is that unlike most of the other homeless people around, you will have deserved such a fate.

So don't whinge, you decided to do this, you decided to be a vicious verminous little creep constantly attacking good people, so you have to accept the opprobium and negatively that comes with it.

I very much doubt that you will ever learn anything from the experience though, in fact it will probably make you even more vicious than you already are....if such a thing is possible...


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