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UK small hydro will almost disappear by the end of the decade

Britain’s hydro energy industry will ‘all but disappear’ by the end of the decade warns Mark Mathieson of Green Highland Renewables.

The UK Conservative government has ‘missed the point’ on hydro energy in its recent review of feed-in tariffs, according to Mark Mathieson, Chief Executive Officer of Green Highland Renewables, based in Perth, Scotland, and one of the leading figures in the industry. Mr Mathieson believes that the country’s hydro energy industry will ‘all but disappear’ by the end of the decade as a result.

GE and Petrofac win UK offshore wind farm connection contract

GE and Petrofac have announced a contract to engineer, construct and install a turnkey power system to connect 336 MW of clean energy from the Galloper Offshore Wind Farm to the UK national grid.

UK cities awarded £40 million to promote green motoring

The UK Transport Secretary has announced the award of £40 million funding from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to help four cities in the UK promote green vehicle technology.

MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Infographic - Jordan and Morocco

Our Friends Electric: Protecting smart grids from cyberattack

Smart grids are being increasingly promoted as a means of making electrical grids more efficient and able to support renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar, in accompaniment with demand reduction and other energy efficiency measures. However, there is widespread concern that smart technology may be vulnerable to cyberattack. How realistic is this and what can be done about it?

Low carbon housing policy vacuum needs to be filled says STA

The scrapping of the Zero Carbon Homes policy by the UK government last year has left a policy vacuum that urgently needs to be addressed, says the Solar Trade Association (STA).

Supporting renewable energy: The future looks bright for Energy Storage

Energy storage is increasingly becoming a vital part of the deployment of renewable energy technologies, and with the development of increasingly innovative energy storage designs, the future for this sector looks very interesting.

Peterborough Energy Recovery Facility now operational

A state of the art Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) has just been installed in the UK city of Peterborough and is now operational, saving the city £1 million per year.

Keeping desert solar power arrays free of dust

Deserts, given their high levels of solar irradiance, are a perfect location for solar power generation, that is, except for one major problem – dust. Here's how some companies have tried to address the problem.

PEC Energia deploys Vaisala Triton Wind Profiler for Pernambuco project

Brazilian wind energy developer PEC Energia has deployed Vaisala’s Triton Wind Profiler remote sensing system for crucial wind measurement data.

World Energy Council report highlights true value of energy storage

A new report published by the World Energy Council (WEC) is calling for the true value of energy storage to be recognised by taking into account both its cost and revenue benefits.

How is China doing on climate change?

Discussions on climate change at the foot of popular media websites seem to take a curious turn whenever China is mentioned, usually in the form of repeated accusations that the country is continuing to develop new coal plants and isn’t making much of an effort at resolving its emissions and urban pollution issues. While this may have been valid five or six years ago, increasingly, the critics couldn’t be more wrong.

Renewable energy development in MENA infographic

Here is an interesting infographic concerning the development of renewable energy in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). It has been produced by PV Insider in conjunction with the region's MENASOL summit.

The first in the series concerns Egypt and you can download it here.

Are solar energy inverters a fire risk? In a word – no.

There is no reason to believe that fire risks from solar PV arrays, including inverters, are greater than those associated with any other electrical equipment.

Solar remains a good investment says UK Solar Trade Association (STA)

Despite the reduced Feed-in Tariff rate, solar PV in the UK is still a good investment with a return on investment (ROI) of about 5 percent, tax free and inflation-linked, says the STA.

TRAC International launch new solution to wind turbine leading edge erosion

British energy company TRAC International Group has introduced its TRAC advantEDGE solution to help prevent turbine blade leading edge erosion thereby reducing maintenance costs.

A Hopeless Cause: Donald Trump’s War against the Wind

Aside from the personal spat with Alex Salmond over the issue, was it ever right, or possible, for Donald Trump to wage his own one-man war against a wind farm project, off the coast of Scotland?

REC showcases solar energy solutions at World Future Energy Summit 2016

Global solar energy provider REC is presenting its solar energy innovations at the the 2016 World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi from January 18 to 21.

SunEdison solar parking lots will save 25 California schools more than $30 million

Global renewable energy development company SunEdison has announced the signature of solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) with 25 California elementary, middle, and high schools.

IRENA announces loans for renewable energy projects in Africa and the Caribbean

IRENA event discusses scaling up renewables

Over 500 leaders from government, business and civil society gathered in Abu Dhabi at the weekend to discuss scaling up renewable energy as the cornerstone of global climate change mitigation.

NREL studying potential benefits of defects in solar cells

Paradoxically perhaps, scientists at the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are studying potential performance benefits of defects in solar cells.

Plastic grass could help generate wind power says Chinese research team

A form of ‘plastic grass’ that can generate electricity from wind energy has just been developed by scientists at Southwest Jiatong University in Chengdu, China.

EWEA signs long-term conference hosting agreement

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has signed a long-term agreement with Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH (HMC) to host its annual conference in parallel with the WindEnergy Hamburg exhibition.

Siemens receives major order for 280 MW wind project

Siemens has been awarded an order from Westar Energy Inc to supply, support install and service 122 wind turbines at the Western Plains Wind Farm project to be constructed near Spearville, Kansas, USA.

Vattenfall to start construction of Welsh solar power project

European energy company Vattenfall is to begin construction of its first UK solar power project, in Carmarthenshire, Wales, later this month.

Not so easy: Calculating the costs of integrating renewable energy into the grid

Trina Solar connects three projects to the Chinese grid

Chinese Solar PV company Trina Solar has announced the connection of three distributed generation (DG) projects to the grid in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, China, with a total of 27 MW.

Man-made ‘power islands’ could be the answer to energy shortages

A professor from Portsmouth University has suggested that ‘energy islands’ anchored in the North Sea and English Channel could help to meet increasing power demands.

NREL and CSEM set new efficiency record with dual-junction solar cell

Scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Swiss Centre for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) have set a new world record for converting non-concentrated (1-sun) sunlight into electricity using a dual-junction III-V/Si solar cell.

Vaisala to help evaluate growth of wind energy in SE USA

Environmental and industrial measurement company Vaisala is to partner with companies from the Southeastern Wind Coalition (SEWC) to evaluate the growth of wind energy within the utilities’ core operating areas.