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STA survey shows a further 576 redundancies in the UK solar sector

A survey of 204 solar companies by the Solar Trade Association (STA) shows 576 redundancies with more to come next year if recent government cuts go ahead.

UK Chancellor criticised for cuts in the energy efficiency budget

George Osborne announces the introduction of cheaper energy efficiency programmes to replace the ECO on the same day that a huge leap in winter deaths is revealed.

Stanford University researchers develop invisible wires for improved solar efficiency

Current solar cell designs have a flaw in that the shiny metal on top of the cell reflects sunlight away from the semiconductor, but Stanford University scientists have now found a way to eliminate this problem.

Marine Protected Areas in Europe

My interview article for Fair Planet, featuring Johnny Reker from the Spatial and Environmental Planning Agency in Denmark, on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Europe:

Rudis and LLT Kosova present the first solar power plant in Kosovo

The first solar power plant to be constructed in the Balkan state of Kosovo has been officially presented to the country’s Ministry for Economic Development by Rudis.

Solar powered bike path generating more energy than expected

A year ago, in November 2014, a consortium of companies and organisations in The Netherlands constructed a ‘solar cycle path’ called SolaRoad in Krommenie, in the province of North Holland. Thus far, some countries in the world have focused mostly on installing solar panels along the sides of roads or, in the case of one South Korean highway, over the top of a cycle path running between the two carriageways. Using solar panels for the surface of the road or cycle path itself is another thing altogether.

Or is it?

Opower launches new customer engagement platform for utilities

Specialist cloud-based software company Opower has announced the launch of a new data platform to help improve utilities customer engagement with regard to clean energy and energy efficiency products.

MTS delivers specialist offshore vessel to Danish company

Marine service provider, Marine and Towage Services Group Ltd. (MTS), has announced the delivery of a specialist offshore vessel to Danish company Advanced Offshore Solutions.

GCube launches unique report into wind turbine fires

Specialist renewable energy underwriter, GCube Underwriting Ltd (GCube), has launched a unique report into wind turbine fires, drawing from its extensive claims data and experience.

Apple invests in Irish marine energy sector

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) has announced a Memorandum of Understanding with Apple to promote the development of marine energy in Ireland.

Green energy is good for jobs....but not in the UK it seems

Minesto CEO calls for more co-ordinated action among EU member states on marine energy

Minesto CEO Anders Jansson has called for EU member states to coordinate action on marine energy given the potential export business benefits of the technology.

Making gadgets and appliances more energy efficient – Part Two

Making gadgets and appliances more energy efficient - Part 1

Over the last 50 years or so our homes have increasingly been stuffed with all manner of updated technological gadgets and appliances, ranging from smartphones and tablets through to Hi-Fi systems, gaming consoles and computers and laptops as well as smarter models of everyday appliances such as ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. The energy implications of this wave of technological advancement could have been severe, were it not for the whole host of efficiency and performance standards implemented by governments and industry, aimed at making these devices more energy efficient, and therefore also less costly.

Most people don’t tend to think too much about this, but with the escalating challenges of climate change, it is something that we will all have to consider in depth. Here is a basic introduction.

Aalborg CSP launches the SGS4 configuration of its steam generator

Aalborg CSP has recently developed the fourth edition of its steam generator technology for molten salt concentrated solar power plants