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Ballard lands $17 million module deal for fuel cell bus deployment in China

Ballard Power Systems has agreed a new long-term license and supply agreement in support of the deployment of 300 fuel-cell powered buses in China.

Brunel University scientists develop new hybrid solar roof

Scientists at Brunel University London have designed a new hybrid roofing system which could halve energy bills in new homes.

Yingli Solar to deliver 130 MW to PV projects in China

Solar panel manufacturer Yingli Solar has announced the signature of several agreements with Qingdao New Energy Solutions Inc (NESI) for 130 MW of high quality solar panels.

An elevated mancave: The Skysphere

Jono Williams is an enterprising Graphics Designer and Plastics Engineer in New Zealand. He's just built a comfortable and innovative dwelling with solar power and facilities run by mobile phone apps positioned on top of an iron column. It's an idea that's catching on....

Tocardo and Huisman install tidal energy plant in Dutch Eastern Scheldt

Tidal turbine manufacturer Tocardo Tidal Turbines and manufacturing company Huisman have installed five tidal turbines in the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier to generate clean energy.

A Tidal Energy Fence for Bristol

Several months ago Kepler Energy announced it was bringing forward plans for a 30 megawatt (MW) tidal energy fence which will ultimately be located in the Bristol Channel. The plan is for it to be deployed in the stretch of water between Aberthaw and Minehead and it could be operational by 2021, subject to planning approval and financing.

The government's nuclear lies exposed

This first appeared in The Ecologist

By Oliver Tickell
The UK government and its Chancellor George Osborne are grossly misleading the public over the relative costs of renewable energy and nuclear power, writes Oliver Tickell. Osborne's claim that nuclear is the 'cheapest low carbon technology' is the very reverse of the truth. He and his nuclear plans must be stopped.
There's no doubt about it. The Government is spreading untruths about the price of renewable energy.
Is it deliberate? One can only assume so owing to the consistency of the pattern and the equally consistent refusal to explain or correct its misleading statements.

The context is also significant: it's always in the context of supporting nuclear power over renewable energy sources.

One example came a few weeks ago when the Chancellor told the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee in their 'annual evidence session' that the agreed 'strike price' of £92.50 per MWh (in 2012 …

UK government advisory body seeks urgent clarification on climate change policy

Lord Deben (John Selwyn Gummer MP), the Chair of the UK Committee on Climate Change (CCC), has demanded the government provide urgent clarification of its policy on climate change following recent subsidy cuts.

Silicor Materials closes $105 million in equity capital commitments for Iceland manufacturing plant

Silicor Materials Inc has announced it has secured $105 million in equity capital agreements to finance the construction of its first commercial-scale manufacturing operation in Grundartangi, Iceland.

The solar powered sea slug

The really interesting thing about the Leaf Sheep, and certain other sea slugs, is that it has the ability to steal photosynthesizing chloroplasts from the algae it eats in order to generate energy, a process called kleptoplasty.

The Most Exciting Power Market in The World – An Interview With Bob Smith of Mytrah Energy

Independent power producer Mytrah Energy was formed in 2010 with its main focus specifically on India, aiming to develop 5000 MW of renewable power. It is already enjoying a competitive advantage in the country with 120 wind turbines already in operation and a large ‘shovel ready’ project pipeline.

New global analysis reveals extent of trend to cleaner energy

Latin American and European cities are the least reliant on fossil fuels to power their electricity, new analysis of major cities around the world by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and AECOM has found.

Top global scientists and business leaders support Paris clean energy plan

Twenty-seven world-leading scientists, executives, academics and politicians have called on nations to adopt the Global Apollo Programme (GAP) by the time of the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris in December.

Aquamarine Power wins funding for Oyster wave energy converter improvements

Aquamarine Power and the National University of Ireland, Maynooth (NUIM) have together secured an 800,000 euro (£580,000) EU Horizon 2020 grant to improve the performance of the Oyster wave energy converter.

Clarkson University receives nearly $1 million funding to develop resilient microgrid technology

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has announced the award of $999,720 worth of funding to Clarkson University to develop advanced resilient microgrid technology to improve disaster response capability.

Active Energy Group PLC partners with BEE to market revolutionary new biomass technology

Active Energy Group PLC and Biomass Energy Enhancements LLC (BEE) have recently announced the creation of a joint venture to commercialise a revolutionary new clean energy biomass fuel manufacturing process.

What will a new ‘green’ Labour Party look like?

Jeremy Corbyn MP, the new left-wing leader of the UK Labour Party, is expected to announce new green roles for the shadow cabinet shortly, but what about his policies?

SolarEdge announces novel approach to inverter design

HD-Wave Technology will significantly decrease inverter size and weight enabling much greater efficiency.

BrightSource Energy to help build CSP plants in China

Leading US concentrating solar power technology (CSP) company BrightSource Energy has teamed up with the Shanghai Electric Group Ltd (SEC) to form a joint venture for the construction of CSP plants in China.

"Exploding the German coal myth – Is Germany really developing more coal power stations?"

Let's have no more of this nonsense about Germany building new coal plants

It’s a popular tale, regularly pounced upon by critics of renewable energy, and it goes something like this: Germany is having to construct more coal-fuelled power stations in order to balance power as the country’s ‘energy transition’ (energiewende) advances. However, is this entirely accurate?

POD Idladla: South Africa’s solar powered nano-home

Pod Idladla is a modular, prefabricated nano-home designed and manufactured in South Africa by architect Clara da Cruz Almeida (concept and architectural design) and product design company Dokter and Misses (interior and product design).

ETI appoints TRL to lead energy and transport project promoting EVs

The UK Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) will invest up to £5 million in a two-year project led by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) aiming to encourage uptake of electric vehicles (EVs).

Low-carbon cities represent a $17 trillion global opportunity finds new report

The New Climate Economy has just published new research finding that investing in low emission, energy efficiency and waste management measures in cities could generate $17 trillion of savings by 2050.

Governor Cuomo announces large-scale Long Island AD project

The first large-scale anaerobic digester in the New York City Metropolitan Area to process food waste into clean energy has been announced by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Romax Technology involved in huge wind power gearbox re-engineering and refurbishment project

Romax Technology has announced it is to support Eurus Energy America (EEA) with a large wind turbine gearbox re-engineering and refurbishment project.

Heliotrope – The ultimate rotating solar home

The Heliotrope is a rotating solar home which gave rise to the Sonnenschiff Solar Development and also the German solar sector as it is today. It was designed and developed by architect Ralph Disch in 1994 and is able to generate five times the energy it consumes.

German online tool aims to help fleet managers decide when to buy EVs

Researchers at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have developed an online tool to help fleet operators calculate the conditions under which the use of electric vehicles will be worthwhile.

Renewable Energy: The Australian Experience

“The RET was working brilliantly until Tony Abbott realised renewables were undermining the profits of the coal-fired generators and that’s why he decided to smash it. He’s removed all certainty from the renewable energy sector and handed it over to his mates in the fossil fuel sector.”
- Australian Green Party Leader, Senator Christine Milne

Advancing the Solar Revolution: An interview with Assaad Razzouk

In an article for Eco-Business this week, the Group Chief Executive for Sindicatum Sustainable Resources, Assaad Razzouk, argued that the recent proposed cuts in solar energy subsidies announced by the UK government would in fact speed up the clean energy revolution, rather than destroying it. In an invigorating and very thought-provoking interview, Renewable Energy Magazine (REM) talked to Mr Razzouk via Skype to hear what he had to say. 

Assaad Razzouk is the Group Chief Executive Officer of Sindicatum Sustainable Resources     . He is also an award-winning developer, owner and operator of clean energy projects worldwide and a producer of sustainable resources from natural products and waste. Mr Razzouk additionally founded the Sana Gallery in Singapore, the first Middle Eastern contemporary art gallery in South East Asia, is affiliated with the Middle East Institute in…

The Climate Change Movement Has Failed - Assaad Razzouk

In his captivating talk Assaad, a clean energy entrepreneur, evaluates climate change as a movement, and suggests why risks associated with climate change needs to be incorporated into asset pricing.

Assaad is the Chief Executive of a global sustainable resource developer and operator, Sindicatum Sustainable Resources and a leading international voice on climate change policy. Believing the current climate change movement to have failed, he has become a leading campaigner for decarbonisation and international responsibility for the environment, proposing new ways to tackle the critical issues we face.

Collaborative project aims to cut costs and boost confidence in marine energy

Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult and CENSIS will collaborate on the development of a new type of sensor to monitor interactions between marine energy devices and marine life.