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Senate recommendations to slash wind energy subsidies would destroy Australia's renewable energy future says Clean Energy Council

The Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC) has said that the latest inquiry into wind power by the Senate has found nothing new while pushing recommendations that destroy the future of renewable energy in the country.

Carnegie Wave Energy awarded grant for anchoring development

Wave energy developer Carnegie Wave Energy Limited has announced it will partner with the University Of Western Australia (UWA) to develop more efficient anchoring systems for wave energy converters.

UK renewable energy will continue to grow in the long term finds GlobalData

The UK government’s renewable energy cuts will have a negative impact on the sector in the short term, but decreasing costs mean it will continue to grow in the long term, says a report by GlobalData.

Another myth busted...

There are those in the UK who argue that we shouldn't really be doing much about climate change because China, supposedly one of the biggest polluters in the world, isn't doing anything either.

Except that's not quite true....

Premier Li Keqiang has just announced a plan to make China's carbon emissions peak by 2030 or earlier. China will also reduce carbon emissions in the economy by 65 percent by 2030, and there are also some major targets for renewable energy.

So China is actually making a serious attempt to drive its emissions down and move into a new clean energy era.

Source: Irish Times

Meanwhile, in the US...

Okay, so enough about the UK. To be pretty honest, since the Tory wrecking ball started swinging a couple of weeks ago, I am feeling like there's not too much left to destroy in the UK at the moment, so its fairly heartening to see Hilary Clinton spreading a positive message in the US. At least the Americans seem to be getting on with stuff, in spite of the loopy Republicans.

Part of Clinton's plan involves the installation of half a billion solar panels by 2021. That seems to me to be fairly impressive to say the least. As ThinkProgress explains, that's a 700 percent increase on current installations. Clinton also intends to fight the Republican attempt to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan and she also wants to encourage innovation with a Clean Energy Challenge for cities, states and rural communities.

“We can make a transition over time from a fossil fuel economy, predominantly, to a clean renewable energy economy, predominantly” Clinton…
In 2011, wind energy reduced the Irish wholesale market cost of electricity by around 74 million euros and in 2012, the country generated 15 percent of its electricity from wind, adding 125 MW to its existing capacity. By 2015, Ireland was able to meet one-quarter of its electricity demand from wind with one-fifth of demand being met by wind in June 2015 alone.

US Senate committee votes to extend credits for wind power

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has applauded the decision of the US Senate Finance Committee to extend over 50 tax policies favouring wind energy through 2016.

BYD to supply first electric double-deckers to Transport for London

The world’s first pure electric zero emission double decker bus, designed and built by BYD, is to enter service London in October 2015.

Is the Treasury trying to sabotage UK green energy?

Shortly after winning the election, the new Conservative government moved swiftly to begin implementation of some of their most controversial policies. Alongside all the social and economic announcements – regarding welfare benefits for example, a whole host of policy decisions have been announced that are arguably hostile to the UK renewable energy sector.

Expanding into Energy Storage

EV manufacturers are expanding into home energy storage. Leading the field are Tesla and Mercedes Benz/Daimler

California's first solar powered desalination plant to be built in Central Valley

HydroRevolution, a subsidiary of WaterFX, has announced plans to build a commercial solar desalination plant in California’s Central Valley in order to provide a highly sustainable water source.

More emissions will mean more megadroughts

Climate and Capitalism: NASA reports more emissions will mean more megadroughts

(NASA) Droughts in the U.S. Southwest and Central Plains during the last half of this century could be drier and longer than drought conditions seen in those regions in the last 1,000 years, according to a new NASA study. The study, published in the journalScience Advances, is based on projections from several climate models, including one sponsored by NASA. The research found continued increases in human-produced greenhouse gas emissions drives up the risk of severe droughts in these regions.

North American map of estimated ground moisture in 2095 based on a high emissions scenario Soil moisture 30 cm below ground projected through 2100 for high emissions scenario RCP 8.5. The soil moisture data are standardized to the Palmer Drought Severity Index and are deviations from the 20th century average.

“Natural droughts like the 1930s Dust Bowl and the current drought in the Southwest have histo…

Enel Green Power to build new wind farm in Chile

Enel Green Power (EGP) will be investing $55 million in a new 24 MW wind farm at Los Buenos Aires in the Chilean region of Bio-Bio.

Wind and solar project to challenge Australian PM's obsession with coal

Giles Parkinson on ReNew Economy has reported that a new, giant, wind and solar park will be competing with a proposal for a coal plant favoured by the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. The plant would be constructed in North Queensland by Windlab, based in Canberra. The project is a direct rival to the Australian government's planned coal plant in the same area.

The Kennedy Energy Park would consist of a 600 MW wind farm combined with a 600 MW solar farm and would be based at Hughenden. It would supply around 80 percent of the local electricity demand once completed.

The coal plant favoured by the government and some local businesses would require subsidies because of the high price of coal generated power, which Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) estimates at around $130 per MWh. However, according to Roger Price, CEO of Windlab, the renewable energy project would need the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to become involved in order to act as a catalyst for banks. …

Public Enemy Number 1: The British Government's Attack On Renewable Energy

Before I begin, let me first apologise on behalf of the British public to the rest of the world for the insufferable bunch of deluded idiots that currently runs this country.

After this weeks announcement that the government is to scrap the UK Zero Carbon target, I am more  convinced than ever that the Chancellor, George Osborne, is an imbecile. The decision is utterly moronic. Not only is it a smack in the face for the green building industry and another attack on renewable energy, it will also jeopardise any hope of energy efficiency for householders, for the simple reason that although gas prices are low at the moment, they will inevitably rise again at some point, meaning a continued increase in energy bills.

Julie Hirigoyen, the Chief Executive of the UK Green Building Council, has said that the Chancellors decision is "the death knell" for the zero carbon homes policy. Phillip Selwood, Chief Executive of the Energy Saving Trust, pointed out that under the Climate Change …

The Divestment Movement: Real Action For Change

Serbia's onshore wind capacity to rise to 525 MW by 2025

The total onshore wind installed capacity in Serbia will soar from just 20 Megawatts (MW) in 2014 to an estimated 542 MW by 2025 according to consultancy firm GlobalData.

Scatec Slar to build first large scale solar power plant in West Africa

Norwegian company Scatec Solar has signed an agreement with the Malian Ministry of Energy and Water and Electricité du Mali (EDM) to build, own and operate West Africa's first utility-scale solar power plant.

US government announces initiative to increase access to solar for all Americans

The US Government has announced a new initiative to increase access to solar energy for all Americans, in particular low and moderate income communities while expanding opportunities to join the solar workforce.

Norway leads the global EV market finds new report

Norway continues to lead the global electric vehicle/plug-in hybrid vehicle (EV/PHEV) market, according to recent analysis by IHS Automotive.

Bristol Energy Cooperative hosts community engagement event during Bristol Big Green Week

One of the UK’s most enterprising cities with regard to renewable energy, Bristol in South West England, recently held a community energy engagement event to promote a positive message about renewable energy development in the city.

DONG Energy selects Siemens turbines for world's largest offshore wind farm

DONG Energy has announced it will make Siemens the preferred wind turbine supplier for the Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm.

ReNew Power and Hareon Solar to develop 72 MW Indian solar power plant

ReNew Power has announced an agreement with Hareon Solar to develop a 72 MW solar power project in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

How sustainable is solar PV manufacturing?

Nexans to supply cabling for Europe's largest solar farm

Cabling specialist Nexans will supply 90 percent of the cabling for the Cestas solar farm in France, consisting of 5000 kilometres of medium and low voltage Energyflex PV cables.

UK sustainable energy industry urges action on EU VAT ruling for energy saving products

A number of businesses from the UK sustainable energy industry have sent an open letter to the Chancellor, the Rt Hon George Osborne MP, which urges action against the recent EU ruling on VAT for energy saving products.

Climeon and SSAB install waste heat recovery system to generate electricity

Swedish company Climeon and steel manufacturer SSAB have jointly installed a Climeon Ocean system to capture waste heat from SSAB’s Borlänge Plant and produce 100% clean electricity.

SPARTA system for UK offshore wind farms goes online

All ten of the UK’s offshore wind farm owner/operators have signed an agreement committing themselves to the SPARTA collaborative project with the ORE Catapult and The Crown Estate.

Westermost Rough offshore wind farm officially inaugurated