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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Power of the Vortex: An Interview with David Suriol of Vortex Bladeless

Vortex Bladeless is an early startup that designs, manufactures and commercialises multi-patented bladeless wind turbines. It is based on a new concept of harnessing wind energy that is competitive in conventional wind farms but is also suitable for distributed energy mixing with solar panels. In the future it may also be become suitable for offshore deployment. The project claims it is able to reduce manufacturing costs by 53 percent compared to conventional multi-blade wind power generators, as it removes the most expensive components associated with the blades, nacelle and tower. This means that Vortex also has much lower maintenance costs, as there are no moving parts that require periodic lubrication or replacement.

Additionally, there are no components that could, even theoretically, pose a risk to bird life or emit noise disturbance, and for this reason several environmental groups, including the SEO Birdlife Association are actively supporting the project. The project has received funding from oil and gas company Repsol and has also managed to raise funds of over 1 million Euros from private and public funds in Europe.

Renewable Energy Magazine talked to David Suriol about this new technology to find out more.

You can read the full interview article here.

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