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Residents Parking Zones - No real other choice

Congestion in Bristol has been atrocious for decades, and it has been one of the issues on which the present Bristol Mayor, George Ferguson, stood for office at the Mayoral elections. Before his election, transport policy in Bristol with regard to measures to reduce congestion was characterised by constant party-political bickering which basically got the city nowhere.
The Mayor has chosen to act fast and decisively with regard to cutting congestion. A central plank of his policy approach has been Residents Parking Zones (RPZs) which aims to cut parking for free in residential streets, which has the effect of clogging Bristol streets with cars thereby adding to congestion and which is also a menace to cyclists and pedestrians alike.
However, the response has been angry and vitriolic with certain districts of the city, particularly Ashley, coming out in open rebellion.
Ideologically driven
The debate quickly became very nasty, leading me to suspect that it was being ideo…