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Bristol Tidal Energy Forum Five - 1st October 2013

Bristol City Hall
1 October 2013

This October’s Bristol Tidal Energy Forum will be the fifth event in this series. Whilst the event has grown in popularity over the past few years, we aim to keep the event at a moderate size, to ensure that attendees can network with the right people and that discussion and debate is concise and relevant. Basing the event in Bristol, one of the leading hubs of tidal technology development in the country helps to meet this aim.

The fifth Bristol Tidal Energy Forum will look closely at the commercialisation of the leading tidal technologies and the future of innovation and technology development in the tidal stream and tidal range energy sector. A key aim for the event will be to discuss and identify future funding priorities, to be summarised and issued as a short report after the event.
The event will be split into three themed sessions in addition to an opportunity for industry updates at the end of the day:

1. Funding for the Tidal Energy Sector
2. Future of Tidal Energy Development in the UK
3. Innovation Case Studies – the current funding needs of the sector including new turbines, innovation in installation and numerical modelling

Throughout the day, there will be opportunities to ask the speakers questions and in keeping with the forum aspect of the event, opportunities to discuss the topic and hear updates on the progress of the attending companies.
If you are interested in attending please contact Kerry Hayes


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