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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Do pay attention Mr Jones....

Griff Rhys Jones is the latest to join the ranks of NIMBY anti-renewable energy campaigners, but at least he accepts climate change is happening, it's just that he is wrong on renewable energy and even more so on nuclear

Yes you ARE a NIMBY Mr Griff Rhys Jones, no matter how much you deny it. Furthermore, it is quite frankly incredible, you having admitted that climate change concerns you, that you have decided to take the position that you have on renewable energy.

"It is about the planning of it" you say, in your article today in The Daily Mail. "or perhaps the lack of planning of it, that is threatening to randomly desecrate our landscape"

Well, have you actually stopped to think about what climate change will do to our landscape if it is allowed to run away and become worse until it reaches a tipping point? You only have to look around you and you will, hopefully, see the effect that climate change is already having on our landscape - ruined crops, houses ruined by flash floods, heathland destroyed by wildfires. And that's just the start of it.

Let's take Scotland as an example. Already the habitat of the Snow Bunting is receding each year with the decline of snow cover on mountains. Rising sea levels are already presenting a serious threat to some of the Scottish Islands and will do so increasingly as time advances and climate change gets worse. There are many more examples of how nature and the environment in the UK is already being affected by climate change, and I shouldn't have to remind you of this with your obvious knowledge of the British countryside.

Is nuclear really an option faced with the dire predictions of how bad climate change could get if we don't do something about it now? No, not really. For a start, it takes anything between 7 and 14 years to build just one nuclear plant. At the present time, nuclear only meets a small amount of our national energy demand.

Furthermore, the claim that nuclear doesn't add to greenhouse gas emissions is incorrect. Nuclear actually releases heat in vast amounts and so therefore remains a contributor to climate change.

The only real solution to stopping dangerous climate change is renewable energy: it is clean, cheap and it provides us with energy security. Relying on nuclear is not only foolhardy, it also wastes time that we could spend on adding to our renewable energy infrastructure. It also provides us with a reliable way of adding much-needed jobs to the economy for those who are interested purely in economics, as Germany has shown. 

Those who oppose the development of renewable energy on the basis of an imagined destructive effect on our landscape are living in a dream world, particularly given the fact that if climate change is allowed to worsen, the effects on our land will make present concerns about renewable energy on the land look like childish insecurity. 

Opponents of renewable energy taking up such a position are leaving in a dream world, based on an idyllic fantasy of Britain drawn from the romantic days of Blake and Wordsworth, quaint but deluded. 

I am very sad to see that you have joined them Mr Jones.... 

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