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Showing posts from March, 2013

Suntech files for bankruptcy
One-time poster child for the Chinese solar industry, Suntech Power Holdings, has filed for bankruptcy after defaulting on $US541 million bond that matured last week, prompting eight Chinese banks to ask a court in the company’s home town to start bankruptcy proceedings on its main manufacturing unit.

Peruvian president claims the country is top solar energy producing country in the region
On Monday President Ollanta Humala inaugurated new photovoltaic power plants in southern Peru, state news agency Andina reported. According to Humala, the new power plants mean that energy produced by Peru’s solar panels now exceed 100 megawatts, making it the top solar producing country in South America.

The coolest tidal energy proposal ever?
The Royal Society of London’s Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, a journal that has been published for more than 350 years, recently devoted an entire issue to tidal energy. This is what a giant topic this renewable energy source, rarely heard much about in the United States, is becoming in the United Kingdom. There’s a big reason: the U.K., particularly on its western flank, is home to an extraordinary tidal range that gives it perhaps half of Europe’s entire tidal energy resource.

Energy giants push UK Chancellor to back decarbonisation
Six major energy companies have once again urged the UK government to back a target to decarbonise the electricity sector by 2030, warning a failure to do so now could see the UK lose out on investment to France and Germany.

Gujarat to develop offshore wind policy
Having successfully established a solar power generation park in north Gujarat and a series of wind power plants with private companies, Gujarat government is now focusing on tapping offshore wind power generation potential along its coastline.