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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Study confirms true scale of renewables bad press

Do have a look at this story, published by Business Green today. I wish I could say I am surprised at this, but sadly I am not. The papers concerned are the usual culprits; The Times, The Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph - all essentially serving a right wing agenda alongside vested interests in favour of the oil and gas industry and avoiding doing anything significant about climate change.

The survey by CCgroup that 51 percent of the articles surveyed were either negative or very negative towards the renewable energy sector. The interesting thing though is that the paper's viewpoints run counter to public opinion which is broadly in favour of renewable energy investment.

So, although it is true that to an extent the industry's voice is not being heard, on the other hand these stories are not representative of readers views. In other words, Telegraph et al, most people in society don't really accept your prejudiced views, which are outdated, unrealistic and unrepresentative. Do the world a favour and move on, as it's getting a little boring now to be honest...

The actual study can be found here:

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