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The importance of trees...

A guest post by Cyril Jacob

In my opinion, deforestation is one of the biggest threat faced by the human race today. Trees help in maintaining a proper ecological balance and destroying them will only spell out a huge danger.
Over the years, man has been very selfish in caring for his own well being.
People have failed to look into the consequences of cutting down trees.

Many people are of the opinion that they can do nothing as individuals and only governments and big companies can halt the destruction.
But this is not true. For example, the media today has played a crucial role in ensuring individuals take up the cause of saving trees by introducing nationwide campaigns such as " Plant more trees. Save the future."

The response to these campaigns have been good only in major cities. On the other hand, governments and large companies can indulge in preventing destruction of trees through organising camps for creating awareness on the importance of trees.
Trees can be a blessing to millions. Paper and several other products which can be used on a daily basis come from trees. Moreover, the recycling of paper should be encouraged.

Trees are a very vital part of the existence of human race on earth as they provide the oxygen that we need to survive. However, large areas of woodland are being destroyed all over the world on a daily basis. This has proved to be a great threat to the world.

The rapid growth of technology has helped in reducing destruction of trees.
For instance, nowadays communication is done through emails, mobile messaging,  chats etc...
Even phone calls through mobiles have led to a reduction in usage of paper.
In schools and colleges, children should be encouraged to take part in programmes related to saving and planting trees.

Strict laws should be introduced with regard to cutting down of trees.
Although several laws have been passed in favour of trees, people donnot heed any attention to it.
This problem can be solved only by introducing a very strict punishment for destroying large areas of woodland.

In conclusion, it can be said that trees are indeed a blessing for the human race.
But if they are not preserved, mankind's very existence will be put at a great risk.
Hence, one must actively indulge in planting trees and saving them.


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