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Should ethical sourcing apply to your solar panels?

[As you may have noticed, I haven't posted anything for a while, and that is basically because I am getting busier, and seeing as I don't get paid for posting on this blog, I can only pay attention to it in those odd moments when I haven't got anything else to do. Fortunately though, help is at hand courtesy of a guest post from freelance writer Tara Gould. Do read this, it's really interesting and very worthwhile.... Robin]

Solarif launch valuable addition to PV maintenance contract
Solar Insurance and Finance (Solarif) has changed the policy terms and conditions of their Solar PV Insurance. To align to the customers’ wishes Solarif decided to expand and improve the coverage of the Solar PV Insurance. PV installers will have the possibility to include the Solar PV Insurance into their service and maintenance contract, thus expanding the services to their customers and offer certainty and quality.

California's new carbon market
Every year at the Pacific Coast Producers processing plant in Woodland, California, half a million tons of tomatoes are sliced, diced, canned, boiled, and shipped to grocery stores nationwide. The operation is driven by steam, lots of it, which comes from a suite of massive natural-gas-powered boilers. Together, these boilers emit over 25,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gases annually, which means PCP will be forced to join California's cap-and-trade carbon market, set to kick off in November.

New US biomass boiler will replace four conventional boilers

HARTSVILLE_ Construction crews have been working tirelessly over the summer on Sonoco's new biomass boiler that will replace four fossil-fueled boilers.
The new boiler is expected to be complete December 2013 and will provide approximately $14 million in savings each year. Over the summer, the project has completed 245 safe work days. The foundation for the boiler stoker has been poured and completed, along with caps, grade beams and columns. Also completed is the retention pond. All but five of the tie-ins were completed during July. The remaining tie-ins will be completed in February.
During the next two months, equipment for the boiler will be shipped in and stored, steel erection will continue, and two 30" diameter concrete pipes will be installed underground from the construction site to the retention pond.