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Lack Of Lending Support Could Shut Businesses Out Of The Green Deal

One of my posts for Find Energy Savings website.

Paul Davies of PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PWC) believes that some companies could be squeezed out of participation in the government’s Green Deal scheme by a lack of lending support. Medium sized companies within the small-to-medium size (SME) sector could be too big to qualify for Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC) but too small to attract interest from the banks, Davies argues.

Climate-denying lobbying company followed the same strategy as tobacco industry

Source: George Monbiot, The Guardian

The Heartland Institute, a libertarian think-tank which undermined lessons about climate change in schools, and thus helped to obstruct measures to combat climate change in the United States, has, according to recently leaked documents has been funded by tobacco firms, fossil fuel companies and one of the Koch brothers.

Blowing In The Wind

Last week I gave a talk to students at Kingswood School, near Bath, on transport related aspects of climate change. During the talk I shared my belief that for us to do something realistic about climate change, we have to change the entire fabric of our society. In short we have to change our lifestyles radically. An example is the aviation industry, and I follow George Monbiot's opinion on this. His view is that because of the growth of emissions from aviation and also because aircraft take greenhouse gases directly into the upper troposphere where they do most damage (it takes 25 to 30 years for surface emissions to reach that level which means that if we stopped all GHG emissions now, climate change in theory would continue for several years afterwards at least), we should effectively cut air travel by 90%. I share that opinion.
In recent months, scientific opinion has advanced the hypothesis that our cold winters recently are due to a change in the position of the jetstream. I …