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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Solar Power for Social Housing

I've recently had the good fortune to start working with a company called ePV helping to write their marketing materials.

ePV is a company that operates as a funder, developer and EPC. That stands for 'Engineering, Procurement and Construction' by the way. They work within the solar PV sector specifically in partnership with UK social housing, funding and delivering large scale solar PV programmes across housing association and local authority social housing stocks. This works by way of the government's Feed-in Tariff scheme (FiTS) which was launched by the government in 2010 as a means of encouraging investment in domestic renewable energy, primarily solar power.

As many will know by now, FiTS operates on the 'rent-a-roof' principle. The householder essentially gets paid for supplying energy to the national grid. The solar PV panels generate electricity, some or most of which provides energy for lights, appliances etc, but excess electricity is then exported to the national grid.

Recently some large installers have started to take advantage of this by using the scheme as a means of providing solar PV to those who are least able to afford it. This means that the panels are provided and installed at low cost or free of charge. The householder enjoys reduced electricity bills but the FiTS payment is paid to the installer as a payment for the installation of the panels. The model is ideally suited to PV provision in social housing, which is where companies such as PV comes in.

I'll be putting a link to the ePV website when it's up and running, which should be very shortly as I've just submitted some of the content for it.

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