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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Renewable energy courses website

Here's some more details for those interested in training and courses in renewable energy, on the Oil & Gas Soft Skills website:

Do you know that…

  • Investment in new renewable power capacity in both 2008 and 2009 represented over half of total global investment in new power generation?
  • Renewables comprised fully one quarter of global power capacity from all sources and delivered 18% of global electricity supply in 2009?
  • More money is being invested in new renewable energy capacity than in new fossil fuel capacity?
  • More than half of the existing renewable power capacity is now in developing countries?
Come and be part of the fastest growing energy business in the world today. The demand for renewable energy is drawing global attention and the industry's future is bright. Renewable energy represents a tremendous opportunity for professionals looking to start or grow their business.

In partnership with RENAC AG of Germany the Renewable Energy Academy of West Africa is committed to building the required capacity for a sustainable industry by offering quality training programs across West Africa.

Overview of Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) Technologies
  • Global market trends, market share and segments
  • System sizes, specifications and regulations
  • Funding schemes for Renewable energies
  • Case studies in funding schemes
Photovoltaics (PV) Systems
  • Basics of PV systems
  • Terms and definitions, peak power, cell types and efficiency, temperature sensitivity
  • Different technologies and components
  • Application of off-grid and grid-connected PV systems
  • Operations and maintenance issues for insurance and risk management
  • Developments in the global PV market
Introduction to Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  • Background – Concept of CDM
  • Allowable projects
  • Project cycle
  • CDM gold standard
Renewable Energy Project Financing
  • Financial Analysis steps
  • Risk/Return Profile
  • Project Finance
  • Project due diligence
Wind Energy
  • The wind resource
  • Wind energy principles
  • Basics of wind energy power systems
  • Types of wind turbines – large/small; grid-tied/stand alone
  • Project assessment and yield calculation
  • Wind project planning and financing
  • Software overview
  • Wind energy global market development
Bioenergy & Biogas Plants
  • Basics of bioenergy
  • Biogas technology
  • Grid-connected plants
  • Small scale applications
  • Different production processes
  • Market development
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Software overview
  • Sources – eg rapeseed, jatropha
  • Production process
  • Applications and costs
  • Market development
  • Second generation biofuels
Lights and Appliances, Charge Controllers and Batteries
  • lights – efficacy and efficiency
  • DC and AC appliances
  • Charge controllers – functions and wiring
  • Battery – principles, types, wiring, sizing and safety
Project Economics Hybrid Systems
  • PVGIS Demonstration
  • Introduction to HOMER Software
  • Optimization of hybrid RE Systems
Off-grid Systems Practical Workshop & Site Visit
  • DC circuits
  • Measuring PV modules
  • System assembly and wiring
  • Comparison of power consumption and lighting options
  • Wind measurements – assessment of wind force and output of wind turbines

Start Date :Tue 12th Apr, 2011 Course Fee :$2150.00
Seating Capacity :30 Duration :4 Day(s)
Venue :
City :Accra

Further details at:

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  1. Interesting courses. I mean there is really a need for renewable energy and I think that we all should be aware of it. By getting such education, I think people will have that recognition in the importance of what resources we have and what we have left of them.


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