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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Renewable energy companies in Bristol - an overview

Bristol apparently has a burgeoning renewable energy and technology economy, one of the strongest growth areas in the city so I'm told. So I thought I would take a look at some of the companies in the city and what they're up to. I hope to make this an ongoing feature of the blog in future.

Imagination Solar was founded in 2001 by Jon Walker, a renewable energy consultant with 20 years experience. Its sister company is 1World Solar Ltd, which I have heard about before. In 2008 Imagination Solar began to distribute the Shower Save heat recovery system which can apparently recover some 60% of the heat that is lost down the plughole every time you take a shower. The mechanism uses a heat exchanger which picks up the waste heat. Its claimed that this system will save between 300kg and 1000kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year and its apparently very popular in Holland.

Southern Solar are specialists in solar thermal and solar electrical systems. They were founded in 2002 and have offices all over the country.

Solarsense is a member of the Solar Trade Association and the Renewable Energy Association. They supply domestic solar PV, commercial solar PV and solar thermal systems. At the time of writing they are marketing Thermomax vacuum tube systems on their website. This system used a vacuum tube to assist insulation and works in cloudy conditions as well as in response to sunlight. Members of the company recently visited Ethiopia where they helped to set up a solar PV array in order to power a medical fridge-freezer unit.

Yourpower states on their website that their vision is to make solar PV accessible to all and thereby to help the UK tackle climate change. They state that they are a national leader in both the domestic and commercial solar power marketplace. At the moment they are holding 'drop-in' sessions for anyone interested in solar power where people can ask about solar energy and the new feed-in tariffs. The next session is being held at the Whiteladies Road farmers market on the 19th March between 9am and 2pm.

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